Infernal Forces Fest: Report


The infernal patrols went to Trezzo Sull’Adda! One-day metal fest near Milano.




Yesterday was a very destructive metal night. Eight bands from different places made the fan’s day!

The running order was:

The Spirit (Saarbrücken – Germany) > 14:55 – 15:30
DISTRUZIONE (Parma) > 15:50 – 16:40
Antropofagus(Genoa)  > 17:00 – 17:50
Hour Of Penance (Rome) > 18:10 – 19:00
ENTHRONED (Belgium) > 19:20 – 20:20
Impaled Nazarene (Finland) > 20:40 – 21:40
Hypocrisy (Sweden) > 22:10 – 23:20
Kataklysm (Canada) > 23:50 – 01:00

This festival calls people from each part of the country. The start was very strong with the black metal band The Spirit from Germany. They are so evocative, so cold and warm at the same time. The first band is always a sort of warm up of the gig, because they must give the right energy to the nightfall.

Their blasting sound brought you in a sort of evocative and transcendental dimension.

The second group came from Italy, Parma, they are strong and very stinging. Distruzione belong to the Italian underground death metal scene. Their sound is so pungent, and last night it was very cool, with an inhuman energy. Everytime they offer a great show to their fan. The singer’s voice was so cruel, so infernal, so aggressive like their sound. They never disappoint their fans. In addition (also) their sound reminds Entombed A.d. (swedish death metal band).

The third group was Antropofagus, another Italian band, from Genoa. They play brutal death metal, and their style is like Dying Fetus and Suffocation (US Brutal Death metal bands).They are so bulky that they fill all the corners of the stage.

The singer has a very deep voice, comings from its guts, and the sound is so consistent, it’s like something solid that you can touch.

The guitar is in the style of traditional death metal, the same styles you can find in Deicide or Malevolent Creation.  The drums is so heavy but not too fast, it’s not a problem anyway, because what the fan need is strong sound.

The band that played after Antropofagus was Hour of Penance from Rome. They play death metal with some brutal parts. The sound is fast with blasting drums, they are similar to the previous band but the only diference is the speed of the rhythm. The singer’s voice is a tipically brutal growl.  At this time your neck was broken because the headbanging is continuos.

Hour of Penance accompanied us towards the next black metal band from Belgium: Enthoned.

Their sound is so fast and so evil, with some melodies. Their black metal has norwegian style influences like Mayhem, but the particularity of their sound is, like i told a few words ago, the presence of some morbid melodies. Their music crushes you down like a steamroller.

After the belgian band, climbs on stage the finnish black/punk metal band Impaled Nazarene. Around this band there are many controversial stories, for exaple that they are nazi. True or false? It’s not important, if you know them you can draw your own conclusions.

Saturday night Impaled Nazaren’s performance was of high quality, Mika Luttinen’s voice is something inhuman, his screams drilled the eardrums of the audience, his high pitched shrieks were incredible, i cannot explain how high they were. I remember his performance last year at Frantic Fest and i’m sure that saturday night Mika put out very louder sounds. They played songs from one of their most known works: Suomi Finland Perkele.

This album is one of the most disturbant and harsher of this band. During the gig the high music’s volume and Mika’s voice, sometimes,  made you feel pain inside the ears, it was something…i have no words. The exhibition was particular, Mika looked like a sort of puppet, many people told “He is drunk“, yes it is possibl,e but the image was great because, when he stopped singing, he assumed a puppet position, with curved back dangling arms, and when the moment to sing again arrived, he stood up again. Maybe he has the on/off button.

After their show it’s the turn of the swedish death metal band Hypocrisy. They played a medley from the first works, among them Penetralia, their masterpiece according to many people, and End of Disclosure.

Peter Tagtgren, and not only him, was in a great fit, his voice was so strong and he was able to change the tone in a very easy way, he passed easily from growl to scream. Another feature of his voice is that is clear and strong.

And he’s also a great frontman. The most intense moment was when they played Penetralia, most of the fan fell into a sort of demonic possession, and you could see many people sing together parts of the song.

Yes, Hypocrisy bring everytime very great emotions, you can see a part of history of death metal in front of you, and the friendly way he talks with you and makes you feel comfortable during the meet & greet is amazing. Aaaaahhhhh the metal star creating an human relationship!

And now it’s the headliner’s turn! From Canada: Kataklysm! This festival was closed by this incredible band, that gave a last and powerful happy ending.

Maurizio Iacono is a very great frontman, and not only, because he’s a very great performer.

Maybe their sound became a little bit too “modern” in the last years, but the passion and devotion that the bands shows towards death metal is contagious and invites you to mosh and bang your head. It’s an exchange of force, adrenaline and brotherhood between the band and the audience. With their massive attack of melodic and groovy extreme music, Kataklysm closed this great day of fun and music.

The only criticism to the venue : 4 years old children must pay to enter, contrary to what usually happens in Germany or even some italian events like Frantic fest. Then they make a fuss at the entrace if you want to bring inside a pushchair, something necessary if you have a baby with you. Maybe the prices were a bit too high, compared to the quality of the food and the drinks that they gave you.